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Give the most unforgettable gift

To be able to ride our Can-Am RYKER on the regular road, driver needs to have

1.) valid Car Driving License and  2.) minimum 21 years of age.

How to buy Gift card for One of our Tours?

  1. Choose the tour (see our offer below or see also Multiple Day Tours options)

  2. Write us to or call us/WhatsApp us at +421 911 944 669

  3. We will send you information about payment

  4. Gift certificate will be sent via email or printed version via post office (according to preferences)


Every Gift card certificate includes:

  • rent of Can-Am RYKER, gas and basic insurance for motorbike

  • training how to safely ride on our Can-Am RYKER (in private area with no traffic, 30-45 min.)

  • certified motorcycle helmet, jacket, gloves, rain gear (in case you don't bring your own)

  • small refreshment (coffee, water, small snacks) and the best tour guide in the world :-)

In other words, owner of the gift card will come to our tour and rental agency,

will receive all what is needed for the ride, will enjoy incredible day with us and will NOT pay anything extra. offers following type of Gift Cards:

#1 - First "steps" with Can-Am RYKER

Distance: 100 km, relaxing roads of Burgenland, Austria 

Suitable for: beginners and intermediate riders

Duration: 3,5 hours (approx. from 09:45 till 13:15)

Price for one rider: 99,- Eur

Price for one rider + passenger: 119,- Eur (max. combined weight of rider and passenger 140 kg)