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ToursOn3.Com offers you Membership Club Card that its very first card on this kind in the World of CanAm SPYDER and RYKER motorcycles, here are the benefits:

  • Discounted prices for Members for Tours and Rentals

  • More killometers per day towards day limit

  • Pre-Paid Card for Rentals in 2023 with even more benefits

  • Exclusive tours for members only

Membership Card Information

In order to be able to apply for Membership Card, you need to fullfil these three conditions:

  • You need to participate in at least one Day Tour or Multiple day tour or MartinTheVlogger Advanture Event

  • You must pay 50,- Eur Membership fee that is valid for the next 365 days

  • You must have moer than 21 years and have valid Car driving License

Key Benefits:

Discounted prices and More kilometers per day: With Membership Card you automatically recieve better prices for Multiple day Tours, MartinTheVlogger advanture Events and Rentals. Together with better prices at rentals, every member do recieve extra benefits such as:

  • Daily limit for members is 300km a day, compared to 200km for regular gest

  • Every started 10km over the day limit is extra 3,- Eur instead of 5,- eur for regular guest.


Exclusive tours for members only: ToursOn3.Com & MartinTheVlogger organize special events for owners of Can-Am RYKER and SPYDER motorcycles. Members of ToursOn3.Com can also access these events and enjoy the vibe of riding in the bigger group of owners.

Pre-Paid Card:

Even better prices compared to membership rate on day by day rental bases. Additional benefit is that these pre-paid days of rental are valid also for weekends.

Get your Membership card or ask questions via +421 911 944 669 - we also use WhatsApp, or

Important Information towards Membership card:

  • Membership card its not transferable from one owner to another owner

  • Membership card and benefits associated to it, can be used only by its owner

  • Membership card is associated with First name and Last name of the owner

  • Membership card is terminate automatically together with all its benefits, if the annual payment is not paid for the next period.

Pre-Paid 2023 Card for Members of ToursOn3.Com


Price of Pre-Pad Card for Members

Bronze Card: 5-days of rent in the year 2023 = 650,- Eur (130,- Eur per day)

Silver Card: 10-days of rent in the year 2023 = 1250,- Eur (125,- Eur per day)

Gold Card: 15-days of rent + 1-day for free in the year 2023 = 1800,- Eur (125,- Eur per day)

Platinum Card: 20-days of rent + 1-day for free in the year 2023 = 2200,- Eur (105,- Eur per day)

Important information:

  • One Pre-Paid Card is issued / associated with only one member card. Pre-Paid Card can be used for rent only by the holder of the member card that it is associated with.

  • Pre-Paid Card can be used only in the riding season of 2023. It is not transfarable to other riding season and it can be used from March to October. In case of good weather, using in other months is possible after agreement

  • Pre-Paid Card is valid for Week and also Weekend rides

  • Booking of the Can-Am motorcycle must be done at least 24h ahead of pickup. Please check section calendar on our website to see the availability


For more info how to become a member of ToursOn3.Com please click here

Feel free to contact us via +421 911 944 669 - we also use WhatsApp, or

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