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This Rent includes 7 days / one full Week - rYde with pickup on any day between Mo-Friday with earliest pick up time 10:00. Return is on the same day, one week later with latest return at 09:00 in the morning.


LeMans is our most sporty Can-Am Ryker with Akrapovic Exhaust.


Wrap on this Can-Am RYKER is inspired by legendary Ford GT that was racing in LeMans, this RYKER is brand new and it is:

  • 900cc Three-Cylinder Engine, 
  • Easy to ride with Automated gearbox (CVT) 
  • Two Seater that has about 80 horse power and can accelerate from 0-100kmh in about 5,7s.
  • 3 modes (Eco, Normal / both will accelerate to 100kmh in 8,2s and Sport) and we will set up the bYke based on rYders skills & prefferences.


Requirements for rent:

  • rYder must be minimum of 21 years old

  • rYder must have valid car driving license

  • rYder must own Can-Am RYKER or SPYDER at home or must have rYde with us at least on one of the Daily Tours / VIP Tours / Custom Build Tours - for more info click here

  • rYder must have Motorcycle helmet & Rain protectors

You can bring your own Motorcycle helmet and Motorcycle rain protectors or you can rent them at our agency.


What is Included in Rental Fee:

  • Rent starts on one of following days - Monday - Friday with renturn on same day next week latest at 09:00 in morning. Yes we know, its almost like 8 days of rYding :)

  • Healt and Safety Instructions and Demonstrations how to use our rYdes

  • Week limit on distance is 1450 km every additional 10 km is 7,- Eur

  • One free change of reservation / rental date is included in price. This change must be put into notice no later than 48h before the start of reservation. Every additional change is 30,- Eur + VAT/Tax

  • Every rYde is insured (PZP/ Green Card insurance) to damage caused to others by accident done with our rented rYde in the country of Slovakia and other European Eunion countries accepting Green Cards.


Every rYder must deposit 1000,- Eur per rYde at the day of rent that will be returned at the day of return in