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Experience Sand Dunes, Castles and most notorious up-hill road next to our Capital city of Slovakia.


If you are group with 3 or 4 bYkes that you want to book, we will make you a tour at any avaliable date - please look into section CALENDAR on our website, for free days - just contact us and we will adjust our calendar for you / or we will contact you within 24h from the order.


If you are singler rYder or you want to book two rYdes, please go to section CALENDAR on our website, and see when are the next avaliable spots for your tours.


Maximum number of attendands: 4 rYdes + 1 Tour guide

Lenght: 200-220km depends on participans skills and road situation

Dificulty level: Suitable for semy advanced and advanced rYders


Itinerary & POIs:

09:30 - 09:45 Meeting at ToursOn3 agency & Coffee

09:45 - 10:30 Safety instructions and rYde Operational guide

10:45 - 15:00 rYding with following POIs:

  • Abandoned Stone Quarry
  • Largest Sand Dunes in Europe
  • Smolenice Castle & Red Rock Castle
  • Up Hill road of Pezinska Baba

Lunch is not planned in this Tour,. part of the package is Healty Snicker and Bottle of soft drink.

For those that like to eat more, please take some snacks with you.

15:00 - 15:30 - End of the Tour


If you like adrenaline, if you like cars or motorbikes, if you like roads, this Tour is one of a kind atraction you must experience in Bratislava, Slovakia. 


We love our bikes (Can-Am Ryker) so we take a very good care of them. They are always 100% ready, they are in superb condition and always ready to take you on a journey. 

They do look so unique, that just to be around them will create you a smile on your face. 


We know very well local roads, so we can adjust the track and tour to the situation on the road and also towards the experience with riding of attendants.

You like to ride more, not a problem for us, we are all petrol-heads. You prefer to chill and enjoy the nature, we will adjust, dont worry.


Requirements for attending the Tour:

  • rYder must be minimum of 21 years old

  • rYder must have valid car driving license

  • rYder must have Motorcycle helmet & Rain protectors

You can bring your own Motorcycle helmet and/or Motorcycle rain protectors or rent them at our Tour Agency

  • We have also Motorcycle Jackets to rent and more

Everything that we rent is sanitized and fresh


What is Included in Rental Fee:

  • Gas, Tour Guide, Sniker Bar, Bottle of soft drink, Coffee at Tour Agency

  • Health and Safety Instructions and Demonstrations how to use our rYdes

  • One free change of reservation / rental date. This change must be put to notice no later than 48h before the start of reservation. Every additional change is 30,- Eur + VAT/Tax

  • Every rYde is insured (PZP/ Green Card insurance) to damage caused to others by accident done with our rented rYde in the country of Slovakia and other European Eunion countries accepting Green Cards.


Tour Fee is non-refundable and its valid to be used in 2022 calendar year


After the purchase, we will contact you within 24 hours to email / PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDERS as well / with follow up email and instructions how to procced with bookings.

In case of any questions, please feel free to contact us here



We are familly business that brings joy and fun to everyone that would like to rent our rYdes or join us on Tours. We take good care of our rYdes and we ask everyone to treat them as their own, so the other rYders can enojoy them the very same way as you did.


Accessories you can rent at our Aegncy

  • Motorcycle Helmet - 9,- Eur per day per person
  • Motorcycle Gloves and Rain Protectors  - 6,- Eur per day per person
  • Motocycle jacket - 10,- Eur per day per person
  • GoPro Hero 9 Black - 15,- Eur per day per person + Micro SD you can bring your own or buy at our place (please let us know via email upfront)


If you have any questions, ASK. We will tell you everything.

!But most importantly, remember to always have FUN!

Escape Bratislava / Semi Advanced & Advanced

PriceFrom 60,00 €
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