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You can rent one of our Can-Am RYKER motorcycles without tour guide if you fulfill these points:

  • You are at least 21 years old and have valid Car driving license

  • You have done at least one of our Day - Guided Tours with us


  • You can prove that you do own Can-Am SPYDER or RYKER at home


  • You can prove you are skilled motorcycle rider

What is included in the price of the rent of our CanAm motorcycle:

  • Rent of CanAm motorbike & basic motorcycle insurance

  • Certified motorcycle helmet, gloves, jacket, rain gear in case you dont bring your own

Basic information to Rent of Can-Am RYKER

Mon - Fri: Pick up at 10:00 & drop off at 18:00 at the day of return

Weekend: Pick up at 10:00 on Friday & drop of at 09:00 on Monday/ possible to return also on weekend

Pick up & Drop off point: Kopcianka 90/b, 85101, Bratislava, Slovakia

Day limit: 200km with 5,- Eur extra for every started 10km over the day limit

Day limit for members of ToursOn3.Com: 300km with 3,- Eur extra for every started 10km over the day limit

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For more information on how to become a ToursOn3.Com member, please CLICK HERE

Our Can-Am RYKERs are everything but not stock. All of our motorcycles appart from unique look do have comfortable seats, upgraded swaybars and suspension, extra LED lights in front and back for better visibility adn safety, warning lights,  36litre side Shad bag, 30liter dry bag that can be attached on motorcycle, Jockey shifter, Power Performance upgrade with throttle response improvement, Grill, Radiator & Air-vent protectors.

Some RYKERs do have special upgrade such as: Windshield, Akrapovic exhaust, Speakers with remote control, Steering damper

price for rent.png

Rent Can-Am motorcycle via +421 911 944 669 - we also use WhatsApp, or

Accessories to rent

Garmin ZUMO XT Europe:

  • 15,- Eur / day

  • 40,- Eur / weekend

  • 90,- Eur / week

GoPro Hero 9 Black with holders:

  • 15,- Eur / day

  • 40,- Eur / weekend

  • 90,- Eur / week

In case you dont bring your own, mini SD card 128Gb for GoPro is 20,- Eur

go a zumo-1.jpg

Pre-Paid 2023 Card for Members of ToursOn3.Com


Price of Pre-Pad Card for Members

Bronze Card: 5-days of rent in the year 2023 = 650,- Eur (130,- Eur per day)

Silver Card: 10-days of rent in the year 2023 = 1250,- Eur (125,- Eur per day)

Gold Card: 15-days of rent + 1-day for free in the year 2023 = 1800,- Eur (125,- Eur per day)

Platinum Card: 20-days of rent + 1-day for free in the year 2023 = 2200,- Eur (105,- Eur per day)

Important information:

  • One Pre-Paid Card is issued / associated with only one member card. Pre-Paid Card can be used for rent only by the holder of the member card that it is associated with.

  • Pre-Paid Card can be used only in the riding season of 2023. It is not transfarable to other riding season and it can be used from March to October. In case of good weather, using in other months is possible after agreement

  • Pre-Paid Card is valid for Week and also Weekend rides

  • Booking of the Can-Am motorcycle must be done at least 24h ahead of pickup. Please check section calendar on our website to see the availability


For more info how to become a member of ToursOn3.Com please click here

Feel free to contact us via +421 911 944 669 - we also use WhatsApp, or

Have you not found what you been looking for?

Do you need to rent our Can-Am motorcycles for longer period, or are you bigger group and you would like to get personalized offer

Contact us: or at +421 911 944 669 and we will get back to you asap.

you can also fill out "Contact us" form if you prefer this option

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