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In the price of every One Day Tour is included:

  • rent of Can-Am RYKER motorcycle, gas, basic insurance of motorbike

  • training how to safely ride on our Can-Am RYKER (in private area with no traffic, 30-45 min.)

  • certified motorcycle helmet, jacket, gloves, rain gear (in case you don't bring your own)

  • small refreshment (coffee, water, small snacks) and the best tour guide in the world offers following One Day Tours:

#1 - First "steps" with Can-Am RYKER

Distance: 100 km, relaxing roads of Burgenland, Austria 

Suitable for: beginners and intermediate riders

Duration: 3,5 hours (approx. from 09:45 till 13:15)

Price for one rider: 99,- Eur

Price for one rider + passenger: 119,- Eur (max. combined weight of rider and passenger 140 kg)